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GROW – Learn, Improve, Innovate

Chris Taylor, August 17, 2021

I love hearing an inspirational quote or a great joke.  But I don’t usually remember things long enough to repeat them.  However, I have been repeating something that I’ve discovered over the last 30+ years of business. I take every opportunity to encourage my team, and anyone else who is forced to listen, to “care about what you do and get better at what you do.”

In my previous blog post, I wrote about why I believe it’s important to care about what you do.  I’d like to spend a few minutes explaining why I believe it’s also essential to get better at what you do.

The world is constantly changing.  This is especially true with technology.  And, sometimes, it feels as it the pace of change is accelerating.  The only way to keep up with it is to grow along with the change.  If we’re not learning and growing with it, then we’ll get left behind.

For those of us in the business of technology, we MUST be growing to keep our skills relevant.  We believe that we serve our customers best when we are constantly surveying the technology landscape, curiously analyzing all of the available tools, and architecting reliable, secure, cost effective and innovative solutions.

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RELATE - Care, Serve, Trust, Laugh

Chris Taylor, Nov 15 2021

I recently took the Gallup Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment and was surprised that my top strength was Relator. I was shocked because I'm very goal oriented, many times at the cost of stepping on others along the way. This is something that I've been working on over the past few years. Maybe this is a sign that I'm making some progress?!?Computer geeks (like us) are prone to think we're smarter than everyone else. It's easier for us to push someone out of the way and do it ourselves instead of working with others to get something done. We've decided that this is wrong and want to be better than that. The truth is that we can't accomplish anything significant without relying upon each other, leveraging each other's strengths to offset our own weaknesses.This is why we've decided we chose RELATE as one of our core values.  We believe that the only way to effectively learn how to rely upon each other is to build a community that is based upon trust within our company and also with our customers. For us, this means we try to care about each other, serve each other, trust each other, and laugh with each other.We don't just want to do great work. We want to play our part in fostering relationships that allow us to reach beyond our individual abilities.

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CARE - Taking Care of Our Employees and Customers

Chris Taylor, Jul 20 2021

In the simplest terms, Tack Systems exists to help people. We happen to be pretty good at building software and other related technology. So, that’s how we help. We believe that helping others is a significant thing. Our goal is to stay focused on caring about the people we help and, and as a result, caring about the stuff we build for them.Do you care? Do you care about what you do? Or are you just going through the motions? We want to continually ask ourselves these questions. We want to remind ourselves that this is central to what we do.I think that we all have to admit that we struggle with caring ALL of the time. There are times when life throws us some curveballs and it’s just flat out tough to always care. The best we can do is just go through the motions. When we don’t care, it’s very difficult to give our tasks the best we have to give. There are also times when we lose sight of why we do what we do. Writing code, managing servers, structuring data, testing software and fixing bugs can feel like sweeping floors and digging ditches. It’s not all glamorous in the IT business! Performing these tasks every day, over and over, doesn’t always seem to matter. For these reasons, we have to remind ourselves regularly that it does matter. We are creating solutions for people. And these solutions matter to them. We have to remember to care. Caring about technology means we’re caring about solving the problems that other people have entrusted us with.

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Growing Up Fast

Chris Taylor, Apr 15 2021

Who would have thought that we'd still be growing up fast after over 30 years.  I remember starting my business at the ripe young age of 25 with a wife and two kids.  I had the entrepreneurial itch and had to scratch it.  I convinced myself that I would never get another opportunity to take the leap, so I did it.I'm honestly not sure how I've survived this long but I'm glad that I did.  Helping others with technology and taking on big challenges is exactly what I'm made for.  We've found our groove building software applications from the ground up.  We've helped young companies build the systems they need to run their entire business and we've worked with large organizations to extend their capacity and capabilities.Over the past 10 years we grew our team to 15 professional developers, graphic designers, systems administrators and business administrators.  Then, we successfully merged with another software company and doubled in size overnight.  With that company thriving, a few of us decided to break away and build a new company.  We're now back in growth mode and, in the short span of three months, we've made a great start building a new customer base and a new team.Our new team is "virtual" and we're already spread out across Texas and even reach as far as Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's been exciting to be able to have no limits on finding talented people. We'd love to introduce our team to you and help you with apps, the cloud or design.

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